Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beyond Her First Birthday

From her first birthday up until now (she is 19.5 months now), so much has happened! In such a small time, Rose has changed and achieved so much!

In November 2010, Rose started spoon feeding herself! Her top two teeth made their appearance too! She also started walking sideways and forward with walker toys, and said, "Bye bye daddy" for the first time!

In December, she pulled herself to a stand for the first time, and on Christmas Eve day she stood on her own for the first time, for about 10-15 seconds!

Rose Standing on Her Own!

In January, 2011, we went on a trip to New Brunswick to visit with our family there. Rose got to meet a lot of family!

Family Photos

Shortly after we went home, she started standing on her own and took some slow and unsteady steps! She progressed rapidly, and today, May 24th 2011, she can easily walk full speed ahead! She takes off everywhere, and can even go in circles or backwards. She can already climb on and off furniture, climb into and onto objects, and kick a ball! Now she has 12 teeth!



Rose Having Fun!

We now live in Ontario with my parents, and Alex, Rose's daddy, is still in Edmonton temporarily for school. She has a big front and back yard to play in, and with this hot and beautiful weather, she is outside a lot! Her favourite things to do outside are playing in her pool, playing on a blanket in the yard, and picking pinecones off the lawn! Inside her favourite things to do are playing with the cats, exploring and climbing, playing with her toys (her favourites being her blocks, toy train, hammer, and balls), and drawing! Her favourite foods now are bananas and noodles. She now knows over 70 words/phrases, and over 10 words in sign language.

My baby is now a toddler! :)


Spaghetti Time!

For MANY more photos, check out Rose's Album on Flickr!

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